Whilst growing up, my parents told me that if I have nothing nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all. So I blog it on here.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Scottish Independence Referendum

Great Britain has always been just that – great. Just like the Union Jack has always been united; and the Armed Forces have always been powerful.

Think of all the soldiers who risked their lives to protect, conserve, and care for Great Britain. All their blood flushed down the drain, especially for the Scottish squads…If anyone really thought of these brave marines and their uphill battles then this raging referendum wouldn’t even have been mentioned, let alone brought into action.

Think of all the lovey-dovey, hunky-dory couples who were so proud of living in the United Kingdom and so themed their weddings with the union jack. The best man is wearing a blue suit, white shirt, and red tie. Gaining independence would ruin the most important day of many lovers’ lives. If anything, they would have to pay hundreds of pounds to edit the videos and cut out the blue suits. In real life it isn’t that easy, we can’t just cut out Scotland, like they’re a meaningless suit.

It’s definitely a sign that Scotland was meant to be part of our future. It is unknown to the human species what the future beholds, but visible to the naked eye is the fact that Scotland is what the future should behold.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

ALS: Ice Bucket Challenge

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a terrible disease which causes one to have lack of control over their body; the disease can eventually lead to death. Having ALS isn't anyone’s cup of tea and makes hell seem like a better option. Fortunately, the ice bucket challenge has raised millions from celebrities and every other John Doe. Whoever is nominated is required to empty a bucket of ice water over themselves (yes, willingly!), and thereafter donate and nominate. Regarding the nominating aspect it is vastly viral, especially amongst teenagers.

Now, since this charitable act is so infamous, why am I still promoting it? Well, I'm not. Although the ice bucket challenge raises awareness of a life taking disease – water should not be wasted in the process.


Despite the fact it is for a good cause, we should not be taking water for granted. Let’s stop being naïve and face the fact that not everyone’s life is a fairytale. Not everyone’s rainbow has a pot of gold.

Another problem apart from a waste of water is that plenty of people are only videoing themselves getting soaked, solely for attention on social media. Are your instagram followers more valuable than paying money to charity? How do close your eyes peacefully each night, knowing that you’re simply deceiving everyone – and letting down sufferers of ALS, desperately in need of your aid.

Even if you are a callous, self-centred person with a heart made of ice (pun not intended), think of yourself. Reports reiterate that sudden exposure to extreme cold can be detrimental to your health. Possibly, you could suffer of hypothermia, frostbite, or shock- this is significant for people with breathing problems like asthma.

Essentially, your nomination could do more harm than it can do well. All I'm asking is for you to think, before you act…

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Ultimately, when a guy gets drunk and tries to pick up a chick at the club he won’t notice that her eyeliner is uneven (I’d be surprised if he remembered her name!). In the course of time, when the same guy gets down on one knee, he won’t remember what colour her lipstick was when he first laid eyes on her. Nevertheless, it’s still initially appearance that draws someone in…

Having a large chest and slender thighs is deemed to be perfect for most males brought up in the 21st Century. Why do I sense a slight bit of corruption? Just a slight bit.

Nowadays, the closest a young lady will get compared to a summer’s day is being called “hot”. In fact, an Indian takeout is more what guys sound like they are describing when they blabber on about girls – spicy, sizzling, and delicious. Mind you, most of those guys are teenage drug addicts whose faces only a mother could love!  

Conversely, from a man’s point of view (if there are any real men left), women are seemingly too obsessed with makeup, hair, and clothes; they forget their natural physical charm. Ironically, men are overly obsessed with these natural physical charms such as large chests and slender thighs. Am I being sexist? Guilty. Likewise, I am being hypocritical in every way possible. I don’t remember the last time a girl has accepted any man as attractive unless they are tall, dark and handsome.

Thus, beauty is a mere allusion. It isn’t there. It is an image that has forcefully been processed in our minds causing us to perceive people as attractive. Clearly, if one did not know the definitions of ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’; they would not be able to tell the difference. To let appearance affect our opinions of people, that is the question.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Did we jump to conclusions when stating Willow Smith's behaviour is due to "poor" parenting?

Once known as the naïve, innocent, and cute actress; daughter of the infamous Will Smith and serious business woman Jada Pinkett Smith, the angelic devil has turned into a sinking ship. Primarily, this was a result of her outlandish music videos; eccentric haircuts and dyes; and arguably her “coming out of the closet” at such a young age. Nevertheless, this sort of barbarity has presently become a trend with celebrities and does not exactly alarm the every-day teen post the ice-age. She is no longer just a sinking ship after her picture in a bed with a senior guy…

Titanic is what Willow Smith has evolved into.

Recently, the somewhat failure to the Smiths had posted an eyebrow raising snap of herself in bed with Moises Arias, an actor aged 20. Now, this would have been tolerable if little Willow was at least three years older than 13! She has literally put her parents’ reputation on the line, with investigations attempting to extract a piece of evidence, anything, to make the Smith family seem less than mediocre. The controversial picture has not only sparked alight the chain of criticisms to her upbringing, but also to her common sense. Despite the fact it has not been proved or disproved that Arias and the Devil’s little helper have been involved in any sexual activity together, Willow should have had enough IQ to realise that posting an image as such would raise a cause for concern.

“Life is not fair”, we’ve all heard it before (unless you’re an antisocial introvert hiding in a shed somewhere). Seriously, though, this time it is unfair on Will and Jada. Poor mummy and daddy haven’t done anything to deserve the uncalled for actions of their daughter. Although I certainly do not have inside access to their household, and neither does anyone for that matter, it can definitely be argued that ‘atrocious’ parenting is not something connoted to the Smiths. Yes, Daddy may be too busy filming his iRobot or whatever big-hit, money magnet of a blockbuster. That doesn’t mean a thing. Zilch. Jada. Oops, I meant nada.

Jada is miles away from being like Rapunzel’s mother (even though she has pride like the Queen of Corona). From what is printed on the news, she is a successful businesswoman and essentially all her business is promoting her offspring and ensuring they have a satisfactory career, if not more. Yet, if she is willing to allow her children to consume her time 24/7, she is bound to care, nurture, and most prominently love them.

Thirteen. It is the age of transforming from a cub to lion. One way to look at this case, is to notice that Willow is just learning how to roar and cope with her fame, and has not yet quite come to terms with it. Once she has grasped the concepts of being the daughter to such a role model she will surely accentuate the real side of her parents’ parenting…

All we can now do is wait and see.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Jack Wilshere: "Only English people should play for England"

Define “English People”. What makes someone English? Does it make you English if you are born in England? Does it make you English if your parents are English? A few years ago, I met someone who was rather special. When you first meet someone you ask them where they are from – kind of a formality nowadays. I asked this guy where he is from, and he replied “You tell me; my parents are Afghan, I’m born in Russia, my nationality is Dutch, but I am a British citizen”.  Therefore, the point I am trying to make is that how can one pass a law that allows only English people to play for England, if we cannot come to an agreement as to what ‘English’ actually represents. As a result, anyone who is proud to be English, and obviously qualified to play, must be allowed to play for England…

However, some people who are born in England like all their known ancestors may find it unfair that random people migrating from other countries are taking up land and jobs; especially high paid ones like being a football player. This is a completely normal and common viewpoint to have, because no one likes the idea of injustice. Nevertheless, those flying in with a flurry of immigrants aren’t randomly coming into England. In fact, 78% of immigrants help strengthen the economy by working in jobs which are not occupied and in need of labour. So is it unfair that people are helping reduce England’s deficit?

Furthermore, throughout British history Romans, Scandinavians, and many more have invaded England. This dates way back to the first century BC, and according to Professor Poore many people living in England have ancestors who aren’t originally English. Common sense is all it is. Hence, it is more difficult to define an English person than to find a needle in a haystack. Quite frankly, I couldn’t look someone in the eye and tell them they aren’t English, could you?

How can people sit comfortably at home when statements like “only English people should play for England” are being made? Isn’t that just a tad bit racist? It is definitely discriminating, whilst “English” people are not all about discriminating but about variety, multiculturalism, and colour! There are young, innocent kids who aspire to become footballers and represent the country they grow up in, I refuse to be the one to shatter dreams…hopes…lives.  Like you, I too feel horrified to witness the fact that racism is still around, even though its mild, gentle, and subtle racism.  African-English, Asian-English, European-English; it is all still English.

Now define “English”. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Is it really a good idea to continue the everlasting search for Madeleine McCann?

Once upon a time, Madeleine McCann was soundly asleep when a ferocious monster in black and white striped attire grabbed, attacked, and murdered her…Only to then bury her right next to where he found her – even Cinderella’s pumpkin morphing into a carriage sounds more convincing. Surely, anyone who has the intellect to organize a quintessential kidnapping has enough common sense not to dump the body next to the crime scene? Evidently, the senior know-it-all digging up the Portuguese resort’s land is a doubting Thomas.

The last thing that mourning mother needs is a constant reminder, it hurts to have salt rubbed onto the wound. A mother without her little one is like an iPhone without the home button; a Happy Meal without the toy; and Mississippi without a drop of water: unbearable. But then again, that’s the consequence of leaving your iPhone unattended.

More significantly, if Maddie IS found merely a short walk away from the resort, the British and Portuguese police forces would be immensely interrogated. Understatement of the century. I’m rather certain that Senhor Policier won’t be over the moon about this.

Economically, this eureka moment of the senior police has not quite earned the title of being helpful. As we all know (hopefully), the infamous crime occurred in Portugal. Seemingly, it would be the Portuguese forces’ responsibility to put in the effort for the incorruptible dream of Maddie’s recovery. Yet, we as British taxpayers are paying the price for another country’s flaws. Despite the fact that this is the procedure with most crimes involving British citizens in foreign countries; it is unjust. Or, rather colloquially, it’s shabby. By no means am I claiming it isn’t worth looking into a little girl’s life, but it should be done with diligence, strategy, and not out of our pockets - because unlike Rihanna, I won’t still have my money.

You would think that by now I’d have run out of issues to have with this case. Well, I most certainly have not. Despite this concluding problem indeed being far-fetched, I’m going to express how many miles outside the box I’m willing to think in order to eradicate the silly procedures to find a dead body we don’t even know is dead. Considering every one of you has watched the news at least once in the past ten years (quite ironically I’m making an assumption), inevitably you will have heard something about war. Anything ranging from Iraq insurgency, Taliban invasion in Afghanistan; Israel and Palestine refusing to share; and let’s not forget Russia’s ‘helpful’ visit to Ukraine. In all of these situations, children disappear, get tortured, or die. For parents to deal with such horrendous, barbaric, and sick events is not a walk in the park. Merely ten out of these millions of casualty cases are maybe considered on CNN and then vanish into thin air. It is questionable why every missing child isn’t being sensationalized and looked into – especially when many years have passed by.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson is a well-known celebrity chef, and stars in many TV cooking reality shows such as Nigellisima and The Taste. Even though she has already reached the age of 54, she is constantly put through the wringer for her seemingly provocative way of presenting. Whether this is sexism or the hard truth is left for you to decide.

Considering the rollercoaster life Nigella Lawson has been enduring, it is difficult not to feel sorry for her. Nevertheless, she has resorted to certain actions which are looked down upon by her fan base as well as society as a whole.

Having had a difficult childhood may explain Nigella’s “flaws”. She did not have an amazing relationship with her mother, and her parents also divorced. Unfortunately, this caused her to be a disruptive student and made her move schools consistently. However, at a later stage, she did manage to graduate from a world respected university – Oxford (even though this did not lift her familial woes). Consequently, it is only natural for people to judge Nigella’s use of drugs.

Soon after Nigella’s husband had died, she apparently could not take the depression she suffered from it. Hence, she claimed drugs were the only solution to her problems. No, I’m not speaking of prescribed drugs; Nigella had a connection with cocaine! Surely, an Oxford graduate knows better… Many people argued that her drug use was for pleasure or addiction, and couldn’t possibly be because of her late husband. Well, who is to blame them, Nigella willingly married another man without even a year passing of her first husband’s death.

Charles Saatchi wasn’t exactly a knight in shining armour. He was found guilty of assaulting Nigella, after photographers captured him strangling her. At first, Nigella attempted to act like everything was hunky-dory, but the police knew otherwise. It quickly became apparent that their relationship had taken an unpleasant turn and the photograph was merely a small piece of the puzzle.

So far, it was only her personal life which was somewhat disastrous. Recently, Nigella’s career has been affected. The TV show, The Taste, has lost half of its viewers, leaving it with only one million viewers.

On the whole, no one’s life is a walk in the park; everyone has family problems at least once in their life. Who can blame her for simply being human?